Kathy Poss  “Miss Kathy”



Wee Care team member since June, 2004

All About Me: Kathy holds two teaching certifications in early childhood education.  She was nationally recognized in 1995 as the recipient of the Ralph B. Rogers Award given for her curriculum design and implementation working with families in crisis.

Prior to joining Wee Care Learning Center, she held the positions of Director of Jefferson College Child Development Center in Arnold, MO; Preschool Education Program Coordinator for Sesame Street for PBS/KETC, Channel 9, St. Louis, Missouri; and Director of Cable in the Classroom Coordinator/Divisional Trainer for Charter Communication, United States Midwest Division.

She is married to Paul, and they have two children and five grandchildren.  Her entire family has been bitten with the travel bug, and if she is not at Wee Care, you can find her going to a vacation destination with her family.


Donna Ames “Miss Donna”


Assistant Director

WeeCare team member since 1985

All About Me:  “I am the mother of two grown children and seven wonderful grandchildren, and I am Nana to many.

I have been in childcare for 38 years, the last 30 years at Wee Care Learning Center.  The first eighteen years I taught two year olds; that’s where my heart is.  I became the Assistant Director 12 years ago.  I enjoy working at Wee Care - it’s like a second family.  I always enjoy getting to know parents, grandparents, and most of all the children. There’s no better way to start the day than with a smile or hug from a child! I plan to stay at Wee Care until they push me out the door!!”


Nancy Anderson “Miss Nancy”


Associate Director

Wee Care team member since 2001

All About Me: “I have been in childcare for 20 years.  I operated my own in-home daycare when we lived in Japan.  I have been happily married to Steve for 20+  years.  We have two boys who attended Wee Care; my youngest son is a Wee Care Kindergarten graduate! 

I am CPR qualified, emergency response certified, and I maintain 12 ongoing early childhood education hours.

I enjoy working at Wee Care, meeting all the new families, and saying “Good Morning” to everyone.  I loved working in the 2 year old division; that is where I started out.  It is amazing how they are so much like little sponges, absorbing all the information you can give them.  It truly is an area with unlimited possibilities.”


Deanna Henry “Miss Deanna”

Infants, I/T1  Li’l Stinkers

Wee Care team member since 1997

All About Me:  “I have worked in early childhood for over 30 years.  The past 20 years have been with Wee Care.  I have three daughters and six grandkids.  I’ve always enjoyed spending time with children.

On the weekends, my husband and I enjoy having the family over or try to get a little time away on the motorcycle."

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Marissa Deckard  “Miss Marissa”

Infants, I/T1  Li’l Stinkers

Wee Care team member since 2017

All About Me:  “Hi, I’m Marissa.  I graduated from Seckman High School in 2013.  I currently attend Mineral Area College where I am pursuing a degree in the medical field.

I have a son who is my world!  I am glad we found Wee Care because we both love it!  I plan to add to my family in the future.

My family and I like to go swimming at the lake during the summer, and we like to cuddle up with popcorn and watch movies in the winter.”

IMG 1682

Angie Jackson  “Miss Angie”

Toddlers, I/T2  Li’l Pups

Wee Care team member since 2015

All About Me: “I have been in childcare for over 24 years, and I very much enjoy working with young chldren and watching them grow and learn. 

My husband Joe and I have been married 23 years.  We have two daughters. Our oldest is in the U.S. Navy and is stationed overseas. Our youngest is in high school and  is very active in volleyball, basketball and club volleyball.  We also have a dog named Lulu.

I enjoy sports, reading painting, and cooking.”

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Demie Darian  “Miss Demie”

Toddlers, I/T2  Li’l Pups

Wee Care team member since 2017

All About Me:  “Hi!  My name is Demie Darian.  I graduated from St.Pius X High School in 2014 and attended Jefferson College as a biology major.  While in high school, I spent many evenings and weekends babysitting; and I very much enjoyed it.  Joining the Wee Care family just made sense!  

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, riding and competing my horses, and giving riding lessons."


Amanda Hickman “Miss Amanda”

Toddlers, I/T3  Li’l Monsters

Wee Care team member since 2014

All About Me:  "When my little sister was born, I knew that I wanted to work with children.  Watching them grow and learn new things is so rewarding!  Knowing that the skills we teach them today can be used for the rest of their lives is simply amazing!

I am currently attending college to receive a degree in Early Childhood Education.

When I am not at Wee Care, I spend time with my wonderful husband and our cat and dog.  We like to go camping and watch Netflix.”


Jamie Edwards “Miss Jamie”

Toddlers, I/T3  Li’l Monsters

Wee Care team member since April 2012

All About Me:  “I recently joined the Wee Care family.  I have been working in child care since 2006 and have received my CDA in Early Childhood Education.  I have worked with all different age groups but found my true place with the infants and toddlers.  To be able to share their first steps or first words with them and their families is such a great feeling.

My two young sons and daughter keep me very busy.  We like to spend time with my large, close-knit family, especially doing outdoor activities.  Wee Care has provided wonderful care for my sons and now I have the opportunity to provide that same care for your children!”


Joline Alexander  “Miss Joline”

Toddlers, room 102  The Caterpillars

Wee Care team member since 2001

All About Me:  “I have been teaching for 37 years.  I have two degrees; one in Early Childhood Development, the other in Office Management.  I feel that I have earned the title of ‘professional mother’.  If changing diapers were an olympic event, I would win a gold medal!

I have three sons, and I have been married to Todd for fourteen years.”


Bobbie Wilkin  “Miss Bobbie

Toddlers, room 101  The Monkeys

Wee Care team member since 2016

All About Me:  “Before joining Wee Care, I taught art education in public schools for 32 years.  After retiring, I realized how much I missed working with children and was blessed with a position at Wee Care.

I have one child of my own, Patrick, who is serving in the United States Army.


Kailey Ellis  “Miss Kailey”

2 year olds, room 104  The Little Guppies

Wee Care team member since 2016

All About Me:  “My name is Kailey Ellis.  I graduated from DeSoto High School in 2015.  My interests are photography and journalism.  I’m the middle child of many siblings, and I am excited to take on the adventure of working at Wee Care.”


Connie Edwards  “Miss Connie”

2 year olds, room 103  The Ladybugs

Wee Care team member since 1998

All About Me: “I am a mother of two, Kelsey and Molly, and a “graw ma” of one, Asher James.  I love kids of all ages.  I am the teacher who opens the school.  I have all ages from 6:00-6:15 a.m., 2’s through 4’s until 7:00, and stay with the 2’s until I leave at 9:15.  I enjoy reading, taking walks, and alone time; and I love to crochet baby afghans.  I like to listen to music, watch movies, and work in my yard.  I can’t forget to mention my best friend, Maggie, my 5 lb. Yorkie.”


Allison Morrison  “Miss Allison”

2 year olds, room 103  The Ladybugs

Wee Care team member since 2016

All About Me:  "I am originally from Omaha, Nebraska, and I graduated from Bellevue West High School.  In my spare time, I enjoy exploring and going on fun “adventures” with my two-year-old son.  We also love football!

Before joining Wee Care, I worked in retail.  I have now fallen in love with watching children grow, learn, and explore.  I am truly blessed to be a part of the Wee Care family."


Karen Fuchs  “Miss Karen”

2 year olds, room 105  The Bumblebees

Wee Care team member since 2005

All About Me: “When I was a little girl, my first big dream was to grow up and drive the ice cream truck...then I started school and fell in love with learning!  I started my first part-time job in the nursery at the bowling alley at the age of sixteen and quickly discovered that I loved working with young children.  I graduated from Festus High School in 2000 and went on to begin a full-time position as a private nanny while attending night classes in education at Jefferson College.  After two years at JeffCo and my first semester of student teaching, I changed my major to Early Childhood Education and headed back to the classroom as a full-time preschool teacher.  I started at Wee Care in March of 2005 and graduated from Jefferson College with my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education in May 2008.  I have worked in childcare for 18 years, 15 of which have been teaching 2 year olds.  I can honestly say that they are my passion.  While the 2’s can be crazy, quirky, and sometimes downright challenging, their loving personalities are starting to shine.   I tell people that I have the greatest job in the world because my worth is not measured in dollars and cents but in a million laughs a day.

When I am not at Wee Care I enjoy spending time with family and friends, working with the youth at my church, and going on both local and international mission trips.”


Nikita Shores  "Miss Nikita"

3 year olds, room 108  The Flamingos

Wee Care team member since 2013

All About Me:  “I graduated from Herculaneum High School and went to Mineral Area College to receive my CDA in addition to having my cosmetology license.   I come from a large family; my grandmother had 10 children, and I am one of 29 grandchildren.  I believe that children are a gift from above and we should do our part to earn their respect.  I have two children of my own whom I love with all my heart.  They are what motivates me to be a good mom and a good person."


Tracy Hennessey  “Miss Tracy”  

3 year olds, room 107   Jungle Cats

Wee Care team member since 2014

All About Me: “I am married with two children.  I was a stay-at-home mom until I started working at Wee Care in May of 2014.  I love my job!  I love children and have enjoyed working with each of them.  I love to bake and am so lucky to be able to teach them about what I enjoy doing.  I enjoy doing art projects with them, getting down on the floor and playing with them, and running around the playground with them.  I love to teach them new things and see how excited they get when they learn something new.  I feel that God sent me to Wee Care Learning Center and for that I feel truly blessed."


Kathy Bieser  “Miss Kathy”

4 year olds, room 106  The Butterflies

plus after school age kids

Wee Care team member since 2003

All About Me: “Prior to joining Wee Care,  I worked exclusively with children with special needs.  Working with your children keeps me young!  I love them.  In addition to working as a 4’s teacher, I am one of the bus drivers.

I have three grown children, two foster children, and fourteen grandchildren.”


Morgan Martin  “Miss Morgan”   

4 year olds, room WW1  The Wise Owls

Wee Care team member since 2012

All About Me: “Hi, my name is Morgan.  I graduated from Festus High School and attended the Early Childhood Education class at Jefferson College.  After I started coming to Wee Care for lab hours, I realized how much I enjoy being around kids so I applied to work here.  I love spending my free time with friends, going to movies, and shopping.”


Diane Russo  “Miss Diane”

Pre-Kindergarten, room WW3   The Shooting Stars

Wee Care team member since 1985

All About Me: “I live in Arnold, Missouri with my husband.  I enjoy reading and swimming.  As a family we like to vacation and go on outings with other family members.

I enjoy going on adventures with my daughter.  I have worked at Wee Care for 30 years, and I enjoy going to my students’ (past and present) baseball and basketball games, soccer games, dance recitals, and the like.  I also enjoy seeing the children come back as adults and enroll their own children at Wee Care.  I’ve had a couple of 2nd generation children!

I enjoy working at Wee Care and plan to stay until retirement.”


Liz Stedelin  “Miss Liz”

Pre-Kindergarten, room WW3   The Shooting Stars

Wee Care team member since 2002

All About Me: “Before joining Wee Care, I worked at Theodoro’s Restaurant in Festus and at Dunklin and Crystal City School Districts as a dietary consultant and cook.  

I have been married to Tim for 31 years, and we have two grown children, Bryttany and Joseph.  Bryttany is married, and I have a great son in law, Derek.  I am proud of Joseph’s art and what he has accomplished in his life!!  I love to travel and shop, and I’m really looking forward to the title ‘Grandma’ in the future.”


Reagan Ahner  “Miss Reagan”

School-Age, Junior Unicorns

Wee Care team member since 2016

All About Me:  “Hi!  I’m Reagan.  I graduated from Herculaneum High School in 2015, and I am currently enrolled in the Associate of Arts in Teaching program at Jefferson College.  After completing the program, I plan to transfer to Missouri Baptist University to get a degree in Elementary Education.

I love working with children, and I am excited to be a part of the Wee Care family.”


Carolyn Snidle  “Miss Carolyn”

School-Age, Senior Unicorns

Wee Care team member since 2007

All About Me: “I started as Wee Care’s cook and kitchen manager.  I enjoy the children so much I  requested a move to a classroom as a teacher.  I am enjoying teaching children manners, healthy eating habits, colors, numbers and other educational items.  I am working on socialization also.  

I have three adult children and three granddaughters who I enjoy a close relationship with.  I thoroughly enjoy my work and the children, and I hope to have a small part in helping them grow into great and kind adults."


Linda Bowman  “Miss Linda”


Wee Care team member since 1987

All About Me:  “I have been married to Dean for 47 years.  We have three children, ten grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.  I love to garage sale and bargain shop.  I’m always on the look-out for great items for our school.  I love Wee Care and I’m very proud to work here.”

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Erin Schultz  “Miss Erin"


Wee Care team member since 2017

All About Me:  “I’m Ms Erin.  I’m 21 years old, and I have been in childcare for almost two years.  I’m currently enrolled at Jefferson College pursuing a degree in Elementary Education and Special Education.  I plan to finish my education at UMSL.  I am CPR and first aid certified, and I have attended various childcare training courses."

thumb DSCN0097 1024

Connie LaChance  “Miss Connie”


Wee Care team member since 2017

All About Me:  “I am a proud mother of two, Travis and Kyle.  Both of my sons have served in the Navy.  I have a wonderful daughter-in-law, Heather, and I share my birthday with a sweet grandson, Landon.  

I grew up in Festus, and I have my Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Missouri State University. 

Prior to starting at Wee Care, I taught kindergarten through second grade for 30 years.  I am looking forward to many years of enjoyment and learning at Wee Care Learning Center."

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