During the school year, Unicorns attend Wee Care Learning Center before and/or after school.  

In the summertime, however, we have TONS of fun activities and field trips planned.  

Here's a look at what we’re doing this summer!

2018 Senior Unicorn Summer Activities


Week:  Getting to Know our Town

4 (Mon) - Art-Mapping out our Town/Paper Science

5 (Tues) - Scooter Town

6 (Wed) - Produce Baseball and On-Campus Picnic (wear ucky clothes)

7 (Thurs) - Trip to Schnucks

8 (Fri) - Messiest Game of All (wear ucky clothes)

Week:  Where in the World

11 (Mon) - Making World Puzzles and a Volcano

12 (Tues) - Animals from around the World/Paint with Snakeskin

13 (Wed) - West City Park - Crocodile Challenge

14 (Thurs) - Post Office - Mail a Surprise

15 (Fri) - Water Balloon Day/Chalk World (bring a towel, swimsuit, and water shoes)

Week:  Media Week

18 (Mon) - Write a Song about Wee Care and Make a Music Video

19 (Tues) - Pixel Pictures/Tissue Paper Art

20 (Wed) - Kade’s Playground

21 (Thurs) - Critter Lane/Build Robot Animals

22 (Fri) - Water Relay/Infinity Machine

Week:  Camping Week

25 (Mon) - Make FIshing Equipment/Poles and Traps

26 (Tues) - Pretend Fire/Make S’mores

27 (Wed) - BBQ and Swimming at Crystal City Park (bring a towel, swimsuit, and water shoes)

28 (Thurs) - Fishing at West City Park with the Poles and Traps our Class Made

29 (Fri) - Camping at Wee Care


Week:  Fire and Ice

2 (Mon) - Firework Slime

3 (Tues) - Fire Safety in the Unicorn Forest

4 (Wed) - Wee Care Closed for Independence Day

5 (Thurs) - Dying Ice and Fire Painting

6 (Fri) - Ice Cube Painting

Week:  Firefighters

9 (Mon) - Firefighter Relay Races/Painting with Wheels

10 (Tues) - Fire and Ice Testing Temperatures/Fat Hands

11 (Wed) - Crystal City Park/Swimming (bring a towel, swimsuit, and water shoes)

12 (Thurs) - Visit Festus Fire Department

13 (Fri) - Sponge Ball

Week:  Police

16 (Mon) - Police Tape Maze/Finger Painting

17 (Tues) - Make Bandages/Scooter Police Chase Race

18 (Wed) - Build Clue Game/Chalk Town with Roads Outside

19 (Thurs) - Visit Festus Police Department

20 (Fri) - Slip and Slide/Handwriting Games (bring a towel, swimsuit, and water shoes)

Week:  PE Week

23 (Mon) - Weird Sports Day

24 (Tues) - PE and Foot Painting

25 (Wed) - Crystal City Park/Volleyball and Tennis

26 (Thurs) - Quonset Bowling (don’t forget socks)

27 (Fri) - Water Play Relay Races

Week:  Last Week of Summer

30 (Mon) - Free Art/Scooters

31 (Tues) - Christmas in July

1 (Wed) - Picnic and Field Day

2 (Thurs) - Tie Dye (bring an old shirt to dye)

Please know that we will do everything we can to keep with this schedule and list of activities.  However, sometimes we will need to adjust accordingly because of extenuating circumstances.  If we do need to make an adjustment or cancellation, we will notify you as soon as possible.



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